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Where (not) to publish my results? The case of predatory Journals

PhD Program in Veterinary and Animal Sciences
Friday May 20th, hr 14:30 room L05

Where (not) to publish my results? The case of predatory Journals
Dr Paola Galimberti
Direzione Performance, Assicurazione Qualità, Valutazione e Politiche di Open Science

Università degli Studi di Milano

Predatory publishing takes unfair and opportunistic advantage of the emphasis placed by institutions and research funding bodies on
openness. Publishing with a predatory publisher can have unpleasant consequences for a young researcher. The seminar aims to give a
definition of predatory publishing and provide the tools to identify it. We will learn to recognize a predatory publisher and also predatory
traits using examples drawn from a clearly predatory publisher and from a questionable publisher.


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27 aprile 2022
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