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Register to the meeting here:https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZwsd-Chqz4oG9BDdqOgRZuBbi8HE4WBt0TL

H 10.00 Prof. Luciano Pinotti Opening
Prof. Mauro Di Giancamillohead of DIVAS (host institution)
F. Fumagalli ‘’Integrated mycotoxin management system in the feed supply chain’’
L. Ferrari ’’Determination of antibiotics in feed - Unexpected challenges’’
M. Manoni ‘’The effect of tannins on methane emissions in ruminants: an in vitro assessment’’
M. Ottoboni ‘’Insects as feed’’
Coffee break
S. Rakita ‘’Oilseed by-products in animal feeding’’
D. Lanzoni ’’Functional evaluation of hemp-based products as feed’’
S. Mazzoleni ’’Growth performance and body composition of growing and finishing pigs fed with sugary and salty ex-food’’
P. Lin ‘’Inclusion of former biscuits in sow’s lactation diet: effects on animal performance and milk quality’’
12:20-12:30 Concluding remarks


Prof. Luciano Pinotti
Office phone number: 0250315742 / 0250334337
University email address: luciano.pinotti@unimi.it



06 dicembre 2022
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